Study Participation

If you are eligible and choose to enroll in the study, you will be randomized to the medication or placebo which you will take on an as needed basis in anticipation of drinking. During that time you would come in every week for counseling, questionnaires and clinical exams. You will be paid for every visit. You will also receive brief, daily text messages asking you if you took your medication. You will be paid each day you respond to these text messages. You can earn up to $559 for participating in this study.

What if I decide to drop out of the study after enrolling?

As a study participant, you are free to end your participation at any time. Study staff will work with you to accommodate any difficulties you have in making study visits.

How will I know if I received the drug?

Neither you nor the study staff will know if you are receiving the medication or placebo (both the medication and placebo look exactly the same). You will be monitored for any reactions you may have to the study drug and the study clinician will be readily available to discuss any issues you may have. After the study has been fully enrolled and completed, we will contact each participant and inform you if you received the medication or the placebo.

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